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Shinaberry Cemetary, Virginia      Shinaberry Cemetary, Poage Lane, West Virginia  

The background image is from The Way Post (1909) by Fredric Remington. .

Note: Much of the information herein came from research done by Elsie Long from Mill Point, West Virginia.
Elsie is my, George
Shinaberry's, first cousin). I did not receive the information directly from Elsie but from
my brother Norman Shinaberry( God Rest His Soul). Elsie's mother was my Aunt Florence Shinaberry Irvine
(God Rest Her Soul).
Some of this information came off web sites on the internet. If you believe any of this
work came from your site please let me know so I can give you credit.

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Generation I

Jacob Shinaberry Sr.

Generation II 

The Shinaberry/Buzzard family has its roots in West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania with a few from the New England area . Before that they could be found primarily in Germany (Black Forest/Palatinate emigrants who became known as Pennsylvania Dutch), Scotland, and England. It is believed the Shinabarger / Shinaberry were Amish.

Peter Shinaberry was born 24 June 1802 in VA and died 10 March 1881 in Pocahontas Co, WV.

In 1849 Peter bought 253 acres on the west side of Clover Creek in Pocahontas County, Virginia from Andrew and Mary Jane Matthews for $700. This property adjoined land of Jacob Beverage and John Ratliff (Deed book 5, page 267). This is the first record of land owned in Pocahontas County by a Shinaberry. Still owned (as of 1969?) by a great-grandson, Cecil Shinaberry of Dunmore, WV


He married Christina Peck 27 March 1827 in Pendleton Co, VA. She was born 18 September 1802 in VA and died 13 May 1879 in Pocahontas Co, WV. She was the daughter of Jacob Peck and Anna or Amy Life. View the Peck line here. View the Life line here.

Their children were:

Jacob Shinaberry (born 8 August 1829 in Pocahontas Co, VA); married Margaret A. Stowers.

                                                                    Note for Jacob Shinaberry:

He was a Confederate soldier. He was taken prisoner and did not come home until several months after the war was over. The family thought he was dead until one day they saw a man trying to climb over the fence, but did not have the strength to get over the top. They went to see who he was, and found it was Jacob trying to make his way home.

Children of Jacob and Margaret:

Christina Shinaberry (died in infancy)

John Abraham Shinaberry (born 1848; died 14 November 1941); married Della Margarette Collins, married Emma D. Collins (his first cousin); children of John Abraham Shinaberry here

Martha Jane Shinaberry (born 10 April 1863; died 21 March 1884 of diptheria)

Virdie Alice Shinaberry (born 11 September 1866; died 12 March 1884 of diptheria)

Sarah Shinaberry (born 11 February 1867; died 1 April 1955); married James Morgan Cassell; children of Sarah Shinaberry here

Howard Shinaberry (died 10 August 1951)


Margaret Ann Shinaberry (born 29 December 1830 in Pocahontas Co, VA; died 1864); married Benjamin Collins; their children were:

Emma D. Collins (died 1884); married John Abraham Shinaberry

Charles Peter Collins (born 11 September 1861; died 28 January 1946); married Ivetta S. A. Buzzard, Sallie Orson Bagby; children of Charles Peter Collins here


Susannah Shinaberry (born 20 March 1833 in Pocahontas Co, VA; died 1 May 1914 in Upshur Co, WV); married John Sharp, James Twyman Friel.

Children of Susannah and John Sharp:

Isaac Clark Sharp (born 26 October 1857; died July 1927); married Virgina Kittle; children of Isaac Clark Sharp here

John Thomas Sharp; married Liza Wamsley; children of John Thomas Sharp here

Margaret Christina Sharp (born 9 February 1856); married Bridges Wamsley; children of Margaret Christina Sharp here

Mary Jane Sharp (born 13 December 1854; died 19 September 1925); married Jonas Simmons; children of Mary Jane Sharp here

Joseph Sharp (born 4 Sepember 1863; died 21 February 1930); married Eleanor Irene Buzzard, Lina A. Swecker; children of Joseph Sharp here

Children of Susannah and James Twyman Friel:

Charles H. Friel (born 1868)

Amanda S. Friel (1869 - 1932); married an unknown Bradey, James Floyd Ware; children of Amanda S. Friel here

Jonas Eau Friel (born 17 March 1873; died 10 November 1931); married Alice Adeline Ramsey; children of Jonas Eau Friel here

Lorinna Friel (born 1875); married Absalom Burke Ware; children of Lorinna Friel here

Nancy A. Friel (born 1876); married Patrick Martin

Hannah E. Friel (born 26 April 1878)


Abraham Shinaberry (born 1834 in Pocahontas Co, VA; died 1907 in Pocahontas Co, WV); married Mildred Miranda Buzzard.

Abraham Shinaberry was exempted from service in the Civil War because he had one leg shorter than the other and had lost one eye when he fell in a patch of corn stubble.

Their children were:

Susan Eleanor Christina Shinaberry (born 19 May 1869; died 13 October 1920); married George Malcomb

George Amos Shinaberry (born 13 August 1875; died 27 November 1875)

Anna Louise Shinaberry (born 4 August 1876; died 2 December 1958); married Claude Cooper, George Cooper

Davis Fulton Shinaberry (born 20 December 1879; died 15 September 1965); married Florence Lillian Shinaberry; children of Davis Fulton Shinaberry here

Andrew Jackson Shinaberry (born 11 December 1866; died 12 October 1953); married Bessie Poage, Sarah Isabelle Townsend; children of Andrew Jackson Shinaberry here

Mary Elizabeth Shinaberry (born 15 November 1871; died 1 May 1937); married S.M. Dickison, Joel Watkins

Rosa Florence Shinaberry (born 1 March 1874; died 13 March 1954); married Peter Riley, George Ryder; children of Rosa Florence Shinaberry here

Charles Lee Shinaberry (born 8 October 1877; died 10 August 1951); married Georgia Poage; children of Charles Lee Shinaberry here

Ira Scott Shinaberry (born 29 October 1882; died 10 July 1947); married Ella M. Reed

Marion Elmer Shinaberry (born 9 July 1886; died 20 July 1962); married Willie Dove Kelley, Odella F. Ryder; children of Marion Elmer Shinaberry here

Lucy Christmas Shinaberry (born 25 December 1890; died 1974); married Howard Peter Lowe; children of Lucy Christmas Shinaberry here


Peter Shinaberry Jr. (born 12 August 1837 in Pocahontas Co, VA; died 1861); married Nancy Jane Cassell

Isaac Peter Shinaberry (born 16 July 1840 in Pocahontas Co, VA)


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