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131. Edith Wheeler Nelson and Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry. Circa 1987

144. Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry. Circa 1987

132. Edith Wheeler Nelson. Circa 1987

133. Eula Wheeler Friel. Circa 1987

134. Mattie Wheeler Higgins. Circa 1987

135. Nora Wheeler Miller. Circa 1957

136. Zoe Wheeler Sharp. Circa 1987

137. Fron left to right. Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry, Mattie Wheeler Higgins, Nora Wheeler Miller,
Eula Wheeler Friel, Edith Wheeler Nelson, Zoe Wheeler Sharp. Sisters. Circa 1987

138. Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry. Circa 1980

139. Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry's 75th birthday in 1982

140. Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry and Kathy Shinaberry. Kathy is George's daughter. Taken in 1978

141. Sitting: Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry and Justin Sharp. Standing: Bobby Sharp and
Helen Shinaberry Sharp. Four Generations. Circa 1990

142. Norman Shinaberry, Lillie Shinaberry, Lillie holding George Jr., Helen Shinaberry, Kathy
standing in front of Helen. George's Mother, Brother, Sister, Son and Daughter. Circa early 1964


143. Norman Shinaberry, Helen Shinaberry Sharp, Lillie Shinaberry and George Shinaberry. November, 1985

146. Lillie Shinaberry. Circa 1985

147. Jessie Sharp. Bobby Sharp's son. Helen Sharp's grandson

148. Justin Sharp and Kristy (Justin's Fiancee)

149. Mike and Denise Wilfong Sharp. Mike is Bob and Helen
Sharp's son. Denise is Ronnie and Sherry Wilfong's daughter

150. Norman Shinaberry. Circa 1969


151. Bobby Sharp and Patty Sharp. Bobby is Bob and Helen
Sharp's son. Patty is
Everette L Tinney's daughter

152. Brandy Sharp ( Miss Pocahontas ). Brandy is the daughter of Mike
and Denise Sharp and granddaughter of Bob and Helen Sharp.


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