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About Doc Holiday
About Wyatt Earp

About Virgil Earp

About Morgan Earp

About James Earp

About Warren Earp

About Newton Earp

About William "Curley Bill" Brocius (outlaw)

About Billy Claiborne (outlaw)

About Pete Spence (outlaw)

About Ike Clanton (outlaw)

About Phin Clanton (outlaw)

About Johnny Ringo (outlaw)

About "Old Man" Clanton" (outlaw)

Frank Stillwell (outlaw)

About Frank McLaury (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)
About Tom McLaury (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)

About Billy Clanton (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)

About Johnny Behan (Sheriff)

William Breckinridge (Deputy Sheriff)

About Fred White (Marshal)
About George Parson

About Wells Spicer (Judge)

About George Goodfellow MD

About Nellie Cashman (Angel Of Mercy)

About Big Nose Kate (prostitute & Doc Holiday's girlfriend)

About Ed Schieffelin

About John Clum (editor/publisher of Tombstone Epitaph)


Morgan Earps Death In The Tombstone Epitaph
Tombstone Epitaph Story The Day After The OK Corral Shootout

Tombstone Pioneers Burial Place
Mistakes In The Movie Tombstone

Pictures are below

For fallacies in the movie Tombstone please visit this web site:

These pictures of Tombstone were not all taken in one visit. I have been to Tombstone on 7 different occasions  and took pictures each time I was there.

I was there the first time in 1977. The town is becoming more and more commercialized that is one of the reasons the U.S. Government is threatening to take away their registration on the National Registry Of Historical Places

If your knowledge of Tombstone history is from watching movies, you don't know the truth.

The gunfight at the Ok Corral did not happen at the Ok Corral. It happened beside Fly's Photo Studio and Boarding House.

Law: Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp (wounded), Morgan Earp (wounded), John Henry "Doc" Holliday (wounded)

Cowboys: Joseph Isaac "Ike" Clanton, Billy Clanton (killed), Frank McLaury (Witnesses confirmend it was Wyatt Earp who shot and killed Frank McLaury in the opening moments of the OK Corral Shoot-Out.) Tom McLaury (killed). Billy "The Kid" Clairborne. The reason Billy Clairborne wasn't killed is because he chickened out and ran and the Earps let him go.

The 30-second shootout left three cowboys dead and Virgil Earp and Morgan Earp badly wounded. The shootout actually took place in a vacant lot near the intersection of Third Street and Fremont Street behind the OK Corral next to C.S. Fly's Boarding House and Photo Studio. The shooting started when Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury cocked their pistols. The Earps and Doc Holliday were arrested for murder by Sheriff Behan. At the trial following the gunfight, it was determined that the Earps acted within the law.


24. Reenactment of the gunfight. The Ok Corral is not on the left where you see the sign. The OK Corral is to the right.

25. Actors that do the reenactment.

26. Actors that do the reenactment

27. These are statues of the gunfighters

28. These are statues of the gunfighters

29. These are statues of the gunfighters


31. OK Corral





36. These are the graves of the ones killed in the shootout. Boot Hill Cemetery, Tombstone, AZ

37. These are the graves of the ones killed in the shootout. Boot Hill Cemetery, Tombstone, AZ

38. These are the graves of the ones killed in the shootout. Boot Hill Cemetery, Tombstone, AZ

The below pictures are of various parts of tombstone.

39. Court House

40. Court House

41. Court House

42.  you went in here in picture 42 and then you stood accused in picture 43 and then you
went to picture 44 and then you went to picture 45 and it was all over

43. Original Court Room

44. Jail Cell in Courthouse

45. Gallows


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