Stations of The Cross, San Luis, Colorado

                                                                                      Station of the Crucifixation of Christ
                                                            This was built by the Catholic Church and the people of San Luis

Vacation 2001

Four Corners
Between Four Corners and Cortez
Durango Silverton Railroad
Mesa Verde National Monument
Stations Of The Cross
San Luis From Stations Of The Cross
Great Sand Dunes National Monument
River Rafting, Pilar, NM
Pikes Stockade
Rock On Our Property
San Luis Valley
Wolf Creek Pass



1. Station Number 1                                                                                           





















2. Station Number One












3. Station Number One












4. Station Number Two




















5. Station Number Two













6. Station Two


7. Station Number Three














8. Station Number Three


9. Station Number Three










10. Station Number Four
















11. Station Number Four           


12. Station Four













13. Station Five














14. Station Number Five                                                          


15. Station Six                    


16. Station Six












17. Station Number Seven













18. Station Eight














19. Station Eight













 20. Don't Know the station                        













21.Don't Know the station                        












22. Jesus on the Cross at the top of mountain




















23.The Ascension of Jesus



















24. Catholic Church on top of mountain. You can see Jesus on the Cross and the Ascension on the left of picture


25. Catholic Church on top of mountain. You can see Jesus on the Cross in the left of picture.


26. This is on top of the mountain, San Luis Valley below.


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