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Ships Present at Pearl Harbor, 0800 7 December 1941

The U.S. Navy ships in the list below are sorted by type and hull number, for example New Orleans (CA-32) is found in hull number order under heavy cruisers. For the purposes of this list, yard craft assigned to the Fourteenth Naval District and other small non-commissioned craft are not included. In addition, Pearl Harbor is defined as the area inside the nets guarding the harbor entrance.

Ships marked with an asterisk (*) were within twelve miles of the island of Oahu but were not actually within Pearl Harbor as defined above. Locations of these ships are indicated. Ships marked with a number symbol (#) were sunk or destroyed during the Pearl Harbor attack. All of these were later raised and rebuilt except for Arizona, Oklahoma, and Utah. Oklahoma was raised but not rebuilt.

Battleships (BB)    Pennsylvania  (BB-38) (in drydock)
                 #  Arizona       (BB-39)
                    Nevada        (BB-36)
                 #  Oklahoma      (BB-37)
                    Tennessee     (BB-43)
                 #  California    (BB-44)
                    Maryland      (BB-46)
                 #  West Virginia (BB-48)
Heavy Cruisers (CA) New Orleans   (CA-32)
                    San Francisco (CA-38)
Light Cruisers (CL) Raleigh       (CL-7)
                    Detroit       (CL-8)
                    Phoenix       (CL-46)
                    Honolulu      (CL-48)
                    St. Louis     (CL-49)
                    Helena        (CL-50
Destroyers (DD)     Allen         (DD-66)
                    Schley        (DD-103)
                    Chew          (DD-106)
                  * Ward          (DD-139) (patrolling Channel entrance to 
                                            Pearl Harbor)
                    Dewey         (DD-349)
                    Farragut      (DD-348)
                    Hull          (DD-350)
                    MacDonough    (DD-351)
                    Worden        (DD-352)
                    Dale          (DD-353)
                    Monaghan      (DD-354)
                    Aylwin        (DD-355)
                    Selfridge     (DD-357)
                    Phelps        (DD-360)
                    Cummings      (DD-365)
                    Reid          (DD-369)
                    Case          (DD-370)
                    Conyngham     (DD-371)
                    Cassin        (DD-372) (in drydock)
                    Shaw          (DD-373) (in floating drydock)
                    Tucker        (DD-374)
                    Downes        (DD-375) (in drydock)
                    Bagley        (DD-386)
                    Blue          (DD-387)
                    Helm          (DD-388)
                    Mugford       (DD-389)
                    Ralph Talbot  (DD-390)
                    Henley        (DD-391)
                    Patterson     (DD-392)
                    Jarvis        (DD-393)
Submarines (SS)     Narwhal       (SS-167)
                    Dolphin       (SS-169)
                    Cachalot      (SS-170)
                    Tautog        (SS-199)
Minelayer (CM)    # Oglala        (CM-4)
Minesweeper (AM)    Turkey        (AM-13)
                    Bobolink      (AM-20)
                    Rail          (AM-26)
                    Tern          (AM-31)
                    Grebe         (AM-43)
                    Vireo         (AM-52)
Coastal Minesweeper (Amc)
                    Cockatoo      (Amc-8)
                    Crossbill     (Amc-9)
                    Condor        (Amc-14)
                    Reedbird      (Amc-30)
Destroyer Minelayer (DM)
                    Gamble        (DM-15)
                    Ramsay        (DM-16)
                    Montgomery    (DM-17)
                    Breese        (DM-18)
                    Tracy         (DM-19)
                    Preble        (DM-20)
                    Sicard        (DM-21)
                    Pruitt        (DM-22)
Destroyer Minesweeper (DMS)
                    Zane          (DMS-14)
                    Wasmuth       (DMS-15)
                    Trever        (DMS-16)
                    Perry         (DMS-17)
Patrol Gunboat (PG) Sacramento    (PG-19)
Destroyer Tender (AD) Dobbin      (AD-3)
                      Whitney     (AD-4)
Seaplane Tender (AV)  Curtiss     (AV-4)
                      Tangier     (AV-8)
Small Seaplane Tender (AVP)
                      Avocet      (AVP-4)
                      Swan        (AVP-7) (on marine railway
Seaplane Tender, Destroyer (AVD)
                      Hulbert     (AVD-6)
                      Thornton    (AVD-11)
Ammunition Ship (AE)  Pyro        (AE-1)
Oiler (AO)            Ramapo      (AO-12)
                      Neosho      (AO-23)
Repair Ship (AR)      Medusa      (AR-1)
                      Vestal      (AR-4)
                      Rigel       (AR-11)
Submarine Tender (AS) Pelias      (AS-14)
Submarine Rescue Ship (ASR) Widgeon (ASR-1)
Hospital Ship (AH)    Solace      (AH-5)
Cargo Ship (AK)     * Vega        (AK-17) (at Honolulu) 
Stores Issue Ship (AKS) Castor    (AKS-1)
                    * Antares     (AKS-3) (at Pearl Harbor entrance)
Ocean Tug (AT)        Ontario     (AT-13)
                      Sunnadin    (AT-28)
                    * Keosanqua   (AT-38) (at Pearl Harbor entrance)
                    * Navajo      (AT-64) (12 miles outside Pearl Harbor entrance)
Miscellaneous Auxiliary (AG)
                    # Utah        (AG-16)
                      Argonne     (AG-31)
                      Sumner      (AG-32)



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