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Shinaberry Cemetary, Virginia      Shinaberry Cemetary, Poage Lane, West Virginia  

The background image is a painting by William Ranney called Prairie Burial 1848

SHARP PIONEER CEMETERY - located on Back Mountain Road near the intersection 
of Fairview Road and Back Mountain Road, Pocahontas County, West Virginia. There
are close to 120 graves marked only with field stones. This area is also known as Indian Draft.
Direction to this cemetery are at bottom. 
The two underlined names are George Shinaberry’s great grandparents on my mother's side, 
Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry’s side of the family. They are in the
James Bright & Margaret Dorman Family Tree.
DILLEY, Yvonne Sue d/o Mr. & Mrs. Floyd DILLEY 1938-1939
DILLEY, Pauline w/o Floyd E. DILLEY 1918-1945
KEMPER, Floyd L. 1929-1930 s/o E.C & Della KEMPER
IRVINE, Charles R. 1869-1940
BRIGHT, James L. b. April 16,1849 D. Dec. 14,1924
BRIGHT, Margaret E. b. April 13,1858 d. May 7,1932
IRVINE, John w. 1875-1935
MCCLOUD, W.H. b. Feb. 23, 1864 d. Sept. 21,1921
JOHNSON, Elizabeth M. w/o Wm. E. JOHNSON died May 28, 1876 age 37
IRVINE, infant son of J. W. & M. J. IRVINE died May 12, 1877
IRVINE, infant daughter of J. W. & M. J. IRVINE died March 19, 1878
IRVINE, John S. s/o J. W. & M. J. IRVINE b. Dec. 13,1874 d. March 
IRVINE, John Wesley b. Feb 25, 1839 d. Oct. 7,1916
IRVINE, Hannah Jane wife of J. W. b. Dec. 24, 1844 d. Dec. 24,1900
IRVINE, F. H. 1873-1936
ALLEN, George W. b. May 29, 1861 d.  April 29, 1924
ALLEN, Walter Giles b. Sept. 17, 1882 d. April 16, 1883
BARLOW, Amos Neal 1864-1936
BARLOW, Frances 1866-1950
BARLOW, infant s/o A. N. & F. BARLOW born & died Dec. 27,1900
SHARP, Elizabeth w/o. J. W. SHARP b. June 2, 1824 d. May 21,1901 
SHARP, Jacob B. b. Jan. 9, 1821 d. Dec. 3, 1896
SHARP, Mary w/o A. W. SHARP b. March 18,1818 d. Jan. 26,1897
SHARP, J. W. b. Sept. 2,1818 d. March 12, 1903
JOHNSON, Escoe b. March 10,1894 d. Nov. 7, 1918
JOHNSON, Nellie Elizabeth d/o Mr. & Mrs. E. C. JOHNSON b April 
5, 1917 d. Nov. 9, 1918
JOHNSON, Frank. M.G. s/o J. M. & H. E. JOHNSON b. ? 1829 d. July 27 
or 29, 1897?
PIPER, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. A.C. PIPER died Sept. 12, 1900
JOHNSON, Hannah E. w/o James M. JOHNSON b. Jan. 26, 1847 d. Feb. 
23, 1918
JOHNSON, James M. b. March 13,1860 d. Nov. 24,1927
SHARP, Edgar b. Nov. 20,1872 d. Jan. 20,1939
SHARP, E. died July 6,1838 age 58
SHARP, Wm. died Dec. 28,1860 age 88
BROWN, Jos. Died Sept. 20,1836 age 59 yrs. 2 mos. 28 days
J W S born?
E. A. age 19 ?
FRIEL, Jane died 1856
AULDRIDGE, William died July 9, 1871 42yrs.
AULDRIDGE, Elizabeth w/o William AULDRIDGE 
IRVIN, Henry 1879 Dec. 1918
IRVIN, Laura S. b. March 9, 1886 d. May 14,1945
AULDRIDGE, Eliza J. b. Sept. 8, 1855 d. Oct, 18, 1898
MOORE, Ann T. b. July 8, 1845 d. Sept. 18,1899
AULDRIDGE, Hanson B. Jan. 31, 1859 d. Sept. 1,1914
AULDRIDGE, Malinda 1853-1932
Directions: From Marlinton go north one mile to Rt. 39 to Back Mountain Road
and turn right. Cross bridge and keep left at "Y" . Continue approximately
5 miles to stop sign. Turn right approximately 3/4 mile to cemetery on left.


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