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Children of Jacob Shinaberry and Margaret Stowers:

John Abraham Shinaberry (born 1848; died 14 November 1941); married Della Margarette Collins, Emma D. Collins

Children of John Shinaberry and Della Margarette Collins:

Mae Shinaberry (born 3 April 1896); married Ben F. Cameron

Fred Shinaberry (born 11 March 1898; died 26 November 1916)

Jacob Cameron Shinaberry (born 12 March 1900; died February 1976)

Jay Floyd Shinaberry (born 24 October 1901)

Mary Catherine Shinaberry (born 16 October 1903)

Robert Lee Shinaberry (born 9 April 1906)

Mertel Shinaberry (born 1 September 1908)

Children of John Shinaberry and Emma D. Collins:

Peter B. Shinaberry; married Sallie Turner

Oscar Shinaberry

George C. Shinaberry

Grover Shinaberry


Sarah Shinaberry (born 11 February 1867; died 1 April 1955); married James Morgan Cassell

Children of Sarah Shinaberry and James Morgan Cassell:

Andrew Amos Cassell (born 1886; died 20 November 1954); married Horrence Heller, Maggie Rimel

Lettie Agnes Cassell (born 1 April 1889)

Henry Homer Cassell (born 20 January 1895)

Hattie May Cassell (born 31 December 1897)

Luther Clarence Casell (born 8 December 1898)


Children of Margaret Ann Shinaberry and Benjamin Collins:

Emma D. Collins (died 1884); married John Abraham Shinaberry

Charles Peter Collins (born 11 September 1861; died 28 January 1946); married Ivetta S. A. Buzzard, Sallie Orson Bagby

Children of Charles Peter Collins and Ivetta S. A. Buzzard:

Ivetta died in childbirth 28 May 1887; the child died also

Children of Charles Peter Collins and Sallie Orson Bagby:

Cecil Bradford Collins (born 16 August 1889 at Cass, WV; died 12 August 1973 in Clifton Forge, VA); married Vaneita Seligman

Olin Benjamin Collins (born 6 January 1891 at Cass, WV; died 9 November 1970); married Susie Mullenax

Edith Ann Collins (born 18 September 1893); married George A. Jones

Lucy Mae Collins (born 16 January 1895); married Jacob Malcomb, James Harvey Lowe

Russell Edwin Collins (born 4 August 1897; died 28 July 1971); never married


Children of Susannah Shinaberry and John Sharp:

Isaac Clark Sharp (born 26 October 1857; died July 1927); married Virginia Kittle

Children of Isaac Clark Sharp and Virginia Kittle:

Nellie Sharp (died age 3)

Belle Sharp (died age seventeen)

Charles A. Sharp (born 26 July 1882 at Clover Lick, WV; died 21 September 1960); married Lola McLaughlin

Garnett Lee Sharp (born 20 February 1885 at Clover Lick, WV; died 8 January 1963); married Annie Virginia Skidmore

Cecil Sharp (born 23 May 1887); married Icie Woods

William Sharp (born 5 October 1889; died July 1935)

Edward Forrest Sharp (born 23 June 1891); married Nellie Ruth Miller

Maude M. Sharp (born 22 May 1893); married Arthur P. Cudworth

Jesse Sharp (born 23 January 1895; died September 1967)

John Thomas Sharp; married Liza Wamsley

Children of John Thomas Sharp and Liza Wamsley:

Ella Sharp; married Everett Moore

Emmett Sharp; married Tabitha Ware

Everett Sharp; married Grace Gum

Ray Sharp; married Mary Crummett

Ernest O. Sharp; married May S. Ware

Ada Sharp; married Harvey Wood

Alvie Sharp; married Gertrude Beal

Eslie Sharp; married Louisa Alice Gay

Margaret Christina Sharp (born 9 February 1856); married Bridges Wamsley

Children of Margaret Christina Sharp and Bridges Wamsley:

Annie Wamsley; married Edward Jennings

Adam Wamsley; married Eva Folkes

Frank Wamsley

Jesse Wamsley

Lillie Wamsley; married James Campbell

Charles Newton Wamsley (born 11 December 1890; died 20 September 1944); married Erma Elizabeth Hagan

Mary Jane Sharp (born 13 December 1854; died 19 September 1925); married Jonas Simmons

Children of Mary Jane Sharp and Jonas Simmons:

Guy Simmons; married Georgianna Warner Williams

Joseph Sharp (born 4 September 1863; died 21 February 1930); married Eleanor Irene Buzzard, Lina A. Swecker

Children of Joseph Sharp and Eleanor Irene Buzzard:

Maud Sharp; married Joe Collins

Lucy Sharp (born 1 April 1886; died December 1955); married Justin Colburn

Children of Joseph Sharp and Lina A. Swecker:

Emma J. Sharp (born 6 April 1893; died 16 June 1964); married John H. Brooks

Harmon Sharp (died 26 February 1948); married Vessy I. Arbogast

John L. Sharp (born 28 November 1895; died 11 January 1964); married Ada J. Arbogast

Mary M. Sharp (born 23 March 1898; died 17 October 1943); married Eugene T. Ringuette

Edna M. Sharp (born 6 December 1900); married Lilburn P. Banton

Portia F. Sharp (born 31 March 1903; died 5 June 1928); married Thomas E. Daniels

Adam R. Sharp (born January 1905); married Pauline N. Jones

Samuel H. Sharp (born 11 December 1907); married Ella Galford

Laura Sharp (born 15 April 1910); married Thaddeus L. Swecker

Children of Susannah Shinaberry and James Twyman Friel:

Charles H. Friel (born 1868)

Amanda S. Friel (1869 - 1932); married unknown Bradey; James Floyd Ware

Children of Amanda S. Friel and unknown Bradey:

Nelson F. Bradey (born 28 November 1887; died 1960); married Scena Channill

Children of Amanda S. Friel and James Floyd Ware:

Myrtle Susan Ware; married James P. Swisher

Vernon Ware; married Letha McCloud

Minnie Ware; married Evermont Whitman

Cameron Ware; married Masil Hedrick

Roy Ware; married Amber Cole

Edwin Ware

Oliver Ware (born 1891; died 21 May 1957); married Levie Ray

Emory L. Ware (born 25 July 1897; died 27 June 1966); married Clara Ruth Buzzard

Ella Ware (born 1900; died 6 April 1972); married Albert Buzzard

Guy Ware (born 13 November 1903; died 11 April 1983); married Mary Ruby Snyder

Jonas Eau Friel (born 17 March 1873; died 10 November 1931); married Alice Adeline Ramsey

Children of Jonas Eau Friel and Alice Adeline Ramsey:

William Twyman Friel (born 2 September 1895; died 14 February 1944); married Amy Dove Miller

Susan Elizabeth Friel (born 6 June 1897; died June 1984); married Arthur Margan Rowan

Elvettie Ann Friel (born 3 April 1900; died 27 February 1943); married Bernard Galford

Anettie Jane Friel (born 3 April 1900; died 15 May 1970); married Arnold Blake

Lorena Margarette Friel (born 12 July 1903; died 29 June 1968); married Jacob Cameron Shinaberry

Luela June Friel (born 1 June 1905; died 1 November 1980); married Edward Cassell

Eddie J. Friel (born 16 January 1907; died 11 February 1908)

Stacy Edna Friel (born 12 June 1909; died February 1979); married Edward Sylvester Channell

Darrell Arden Friel (born 21 September 1911; died 17 July 1968); married Violet Kennedy

Juhl Emerson Friel (born 2 November 1913; died 8 August 1969); married Elizabeth Takey

Leta Virginia Friel (born 17 April 1915; died 16 August 1996); married Thurman Debbs Arbogast

Donald Robert Friel (born 15 October 1916; died 12 January 1977); married Lennie Elizabeth Ray

Ura Clarence Friel (born 23 May 1918; died 2 August 1993)

Ora Cameron Friel (born 23 May 1918; died October 1985); married Wilma Mae Baker Liggett

Lorinna Friel (born 1875); married Absalom Burke Ware

Children of Lorinna Friel and Absalom Burke Ware:

Clarence Ware; married Anna Grace Moore


Children of Abraham Shinaberry and Mildred Miranda Buzzard:

Susan Eleanor Christina Shinaberry (born 19 May 1869; died 13 October 1920); married George Malcomb

George Amos Shinaberry (born 13 August 1875; died 27 November 1875)

Anna Louise Shinaberry (born 4 August 1876; died 2 december 1958); married Claude Cooper, George Cooper

Davis Fulton Shinaberry (born 20 December 1879; died 15 September 1965); married Florence Lillian Shinaberry

Children of Davis Fulton Shinaberry and Florence Lillian Shinaberry:

Alvin Davis Shinaberry (born 17 March 1914 in Clover Lick, WV; died 16 April 1983); married Jeannie Yvonne Conrad

Harlan Lee Shinaberry (born 7 February 1916; died February 1977); married Irene Armstrong

Elsie Gatewood Shinaberry (born 1918); married Charles R. McCormick

Florence Lillian Shinaberry (born 23 March 1920); married James Lloyd Benson, Frank Lancaster Snipstad

Andrew Jackson Shinaberry (born 11 Decmber 1866; died 12 October 1953); married Bessie Poage, Sarah Isabelle Townsend

Children of Andrew Jackson Shinaberry and Sarah Isabelle Townsend:

Elsie Florence Shinaberry (born 12 April 1890; died 7 February 1954); married Grover Frank Irvine

Anna Grace Shinaberry; married Jacob Deputy

Clarence Shinaberry; married Georgia Glover, Lillie Wheeler

John Howard Shinaberry; married Geneva High Puffenbarger

Wilbur Taylor Shinaberry; married Iva Pearl Hume

Bedford L. Shinaberry (born 14 April 1883; died 5 August 1962); married Drucilla Z. Grimes

Ruth Shinaberry (died in childbirth, date unknown)

Mary Elizabeth Shinaberry (born 15 November 1871; died 1 May 1937); married S. M. Dickson, Joel Watkins

Rosa Florence Shinaberry (born 1 March 1874; died 13 March 1954); married Peter Riley, George Ryder

Children of Rosa Florence Shinaberry and Peter Riley:

Fannie Gertrude Riley (born 8 March 1901); married Harry Isaac Shinaberry

Blaine H. Riley (born 1908); married George H. Ryder

Charlie Riley

John Riley

Mack Riley

Bernie Riley

Maggie Riley

Charles Lee Shinaberry (born 8 October 1877; died 10 August 1951); married Georgia Poage

Children of Charles Lee Shinaberry and Georgia Poage:

Quincy Shinaberry

Earl Shinaberry

Sterl Shinaberry

Juanita Shinaberry; married Paul Dilley

Woodrow Shinaberry

Dell Shinaberry (born 6 October 1905; died August 1985); married Anna J. Landis, Virginia Ruth Fowler

Glenn Shinaberry

Ira Scott Shinaberry (born 29 October 1882; died 10 July 1947); married Ella M. Reed

Marion Elmer Shinaberry (born 9 July 1886; died 20 July 1962); married Wille Dove Kelley, Odella F. Ryder

Children of Marion Elmer Shinaberry and Willie Dove Kelley:

Elmer Price Shinaberry (1912 - 1976); married Thelma Agnes Gum

Lucy Christmas Shinaberry (born 25 December 1890; died 1974); married Howard Peter Lowe

Children of Lucy Christmas Shinaberry and Howard Peter Lowe:

Ralph Grady Lowe (born 27 October 1912)

Whitt Lowe; married Mildred Tracey

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