Rock On Our Property in Costilla County Colorado, San Luis Valley 

Vacation 2001

Four Corners
Between Four Corners and Cortez
Durango Silverton Railroad
Mesa Verde National Monument
Stations Of The Cross
San Luis From Stations Of The Cross
Great Sand Dunes National Monument
River Rafting, Pilar, NM
Pikes Stockade
Rock On Our Property
San Luis Valley
Wolf Creek Pass

I sold this property in 2006.                                                                                  

1. This  rock  is on our property. It is about 2 foot  long and 1 foot wide.
There are carvings on the rock, there is  an S D carved on the upper
left  and  other  symbols  carved  on  rock. We believe Carvings may
have been done by an early surveyor or explorer while the property

was  still  the  old  Sangre  De  Cristo  Spanish  Land Grant. The first
explorers  to  the  area  was  about 1598. The county, Costilla, where
our  land  is  located  is  even  now  very thinly populated, about 900
square miles with a population of 3663 persons.


























































































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