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No matter where I roam Pocahontas County, West Virginia is my home

George:  I  was  born  at  Pogue  Lane,  West Virginia  on  (birth date removed). My  father  was Clarence Shinaberry and my  mother Lillie  Wheeler  Shinaberry  I  lived there the first 17 years of my life, until  I  went  in  the  US  Army.  I haven't  lived  in  West  Virginia  since  except  for  very  short  periods  of  time.  I  have  lived  in  the  following states: Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas,  Georgia,  Washington  State, California, Florida & Alabama.
I presently live in
Theodore, Alabama.
I have been in all 50 states.

I have 5 children, Kathy, born in Marlinton, West  Virginia. George Jr. Born in Marlinton, West Virginia.  
John born in Cleveland, Ohio. Margaret born in Cleveland, Ohio. Eugene born in Brooksville,

God Bless You,

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