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These pictures are numbered, so if you have any
information or comment on any of the pictures
please include the picture number and email to:
Thank You, George Shinaberry

186. Unknown. Please help with identification. Clarence Shinaberry had this
picture and I am pretty sure is was taken in Campbelltown

187. Arlene Judy

188. Lillie Wheeler and Leonard Kellison

189. Lillie Wheeler, Eula Wheeler, Standing in front of Lillie is Zoe Wheeler. Circa 1924

190. Norman Shinaberry, Lois Dilley, Helen Shinaberry, Drucilla Shinaberry and Bedford Shinaberry. Circa 1954


191. Orville Malcomb

192. Ruth ? and Alfred ?. Please help with identification

193. Ruth Shinaberry ??? and Minnie Ware. Circa 1918

194.  Ruth Shinaberry??? and man unknown. Please help with identification.

195. Zoe Wheeler, Lillie Wheeler, Mattie Wheeler, Nora Wheeler and Edith Wheeler. Sisters. Circa 1933

196.  This is a German gun more commonly known as the gun that shelled Paris.
From the Clarence Shinaberry picture collection. Circa 1918

197. This gun was used in World War I. From the Clarence Shinaberry picture collection. Circa 1918


198. Chub and Jube Irvine

199. Evelyn "Sis" Irvine Alderman and her niece Nancy (Nancy is Elsie Irvine Hefner's daughter. 1941

200. Elsie "Mid" Lee Irvine. 16 Years. 1941

201. Elsie "Mid" Lee Irvine Hefner and her son Billy


205. Clarence Glen "Dude" Irvine's Obit.


205. Elsie "Mid" Irvine, 6 Years. 1931

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