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81. George and Virgie Bright Wheeler circa 1965
George Wheeler b. 04/03/1882 d. 04/07/1969
Virgie Bright Weeler
b. 05/12/1884 d. 02/22/1971


82. George Wheeler and Lillie Wheeler Shinaberry 1934
Taken at the Fair
George Wheeler b. 04/03/1882 d. 04/07/1969
Lillie Margaret Wheeler Shinaberry b. 10/05/1907 d. 02/06/1995 


83. Margaret E. Dorman Bright
George's Greatgreat Grandmother
Buried in Sharp Pioneer Cemetery
b. 4/13/1858
d. 5/7/1932


84. Harper and George Shinaberry, Brothers circa 1941
Harper Shinaberry b. 1941 d. 1943
George Shinaberry b. 06/22/1940


85. Harper Shinaberry circa 1943
b. 1941 d. 1943

86. Lillie Margaret Wheeler Shinaberry. Circa 1930
b. 10/05/1907 d. 02/06/1995 

87. Lillie Margaret Wheeler Shinaberry. Circa 1932
b. 10/05/1907 d. 02/06/1995 

88. Lillie Shinaberry, Helen Shinaberry and Norman Shinaberry. Circa 1949

89. Lillie Wheeler, in back, and Edith Wheeler. Circa 1932

90. Lillie and Clarence Shinaberry

91. Lillie and Clarence Shinaberry. Circa 1940

92. Lillie and Vergie Wheeler, mother and daughter. Circa 1927

93. Lillie Shinaberry and George. Circa 1940

94. Lillie Wheeler and Goldie Kellison

95. Lillie and Noel Wheeler, brother and sister. Circa 1909

96. Lillie and Clarence Shinaberry. Circa 1927

97. Lillie Wheeler. Circa 1925

98. Lillie Wheeler. Circa 1924

99. Norman Shinaberry, Helen Shinaberry and Thelma Lorraine Barnett Shinaberry, George's first wife. Circa 1957

100. Norman and George Shinaberry

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