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Generation III

Isaac Peter Shinaberry was born 16 July 1840 in Pocahontas Co, VA and died 30 March 1902 in Pocahontas Co, WV.

He married Margaret Jerusha Buzzard 14 September 1865. She was born 24 July 1845 in Sitlington Creek, Pocahontas Co, VA and died 25 December 1937 in Pocahontas Co, WV. She was the daughter of Sampson Sicafoose Buzzard and Eleanor "Ellen" Morrison Knapp. View the Buzzard line here. View the Knapp line here.

Their children were:

Embry Peter Shinaberry (born 5 June 1866 in Pocahontas Co, WV; died 5 January 1958); married Alcinda Buzzard; their children were:

Bessie Shinaberry (born 1902); married Howard Wall

Stella Shinaberry (born 1890); married Otto Helff

Cecil Quincy Brannon Shinaberry (born 1900; died 31 March 1974); married Pansie Bird Colaw


William Thomas Shinaberry (born 1868 in Pocahontas Co, WV; died 1946); married Corena Buzzard; their children were:

Albert Harry Shinaberry (born 29 August 1891); married Pearl Hedrick

Edgar Arnold Shinaberry; married Mary Virginia Burns

Maymie A. Shinaberry; married Vaughan W. Geiger, William Ellis Higgins

Hunter Shinaberry; married an unknown Dilley

Truda Lillian Shinaberry (born 10 February 1897); married James Harvey Nottingham

Gennevie Shinaberry (born 3 November 1899); married Lewis Otha Shields


Clara Magdeline Shinaberry (born 29 September 1870 in Pocahontas Co, WV; died 28 November 1958); married Perry Amos Buzzard; their children were:

Lucy C. Buzzard (1892 - 1976); married Harry S. Moore

Clarence A. Buzzard (1895 - 1955); married Ena M. Schrader

Charles H. Buzzard (1897 - 1972); married Viola Grimes

Clara Ruth Buzzard (1904 - 1977); married Emory L. Ware


Warwick Shinaberry (born 1872 in Pocahontas Co, WV)

Henry Anderson Shinaberry (born 8 July 1873 in Pocahontas Co, WV); married Sylvania Kelley; their children were:

Page Shinaberry

Forrest Shinaberry (born 1889 in Huntersville, WV)

Fred Shinaberry (born 1891 in Huntersville, WV)

Harry Isaac Shinaberry (born 9 September 1893 in Huntersville, WV); married Fannie Gertrude Riley

Florence Lillian Shinaberry (1895 - 1923); married Davis Fulton Shinaberry

Edith Shinaberry (born 1897); married Hunter Malcomb, Bill Hughes, Frank Novak

Everett Shinaberry (born 1899)


Harmon Shinaberry (born 1874 in Pocahontas Co, WV)

Riley Warwick Shinaberry (born 20 January 1876 in Edray, Pocahontas Co, WV); married Mattie Sheets

Harmon Isaac Shinaberry (born 17 March 1879 in Pocahontas Co, WV)

Etta Ruth Shinaberry (born 1881 in Pocahontas Co, WV); married Anderson Grimes; their children were:

Zula Clara Grimes (born 1900); married Albert Brason Ray