Pictures of George


1. My birthday cake June 22, 1997. Guess how old???













2. George 1946

3. George 1949

4. George 1951

5. George 1952

6. George 1953

7. George 1954

8. George 1955

9. George 1956

10. George 1957

11. George 1957. When I first went in the army

12. George 1958 at Ft. Eustis, Virginia. When I was attending Aviation School

13. Julian Corso, Granville McCarty & George. 2 days before we went in the army.

14. George 1985

15. George 1989

16. George 1994. Kathy & Jeff's wedding

17. George 1994. Kathy & Jeff's wedding

18. Pyongtaek K6 Army Airfield, Korea. Helicopters are H21

19. Pyongtaek K6 Army Airfield, Korea. Helicopters are H21. Helicopter in the air is an H13 like used on MASH

20. Marlinton Grade School. Aorta Hill-Teacher. I am in the lower left corner. Arnold Shinaberry is second from left.

2. Zack Johnson- Principal. Mrs. Mc Neil teacher. I am in the 4th row 8th from left. Charles Higgins,
my cousin, is in bottom row 2nd from left 

22. Mrs. McNeil-Teacher. I am the last one in this picture

23. Mrs. Gladwell-Teacher. I am beside her

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