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Trivia About Boston

Bostonian's have a language all their own and sometimes you think you're in a foreign
country and a lot of them treat an outsider like a foreigner. Ask for directions and if you
can understand what the persons is telling you maybe you will find the place you are
looking for. They didn't seem to me to be very friendly toward tourists, but they will sure
take your money.
A nice place to visit with a lot of American History but I most certainly would not want to live there. 

All through these photos I will add links for your information.

01. Custom House Tower. (About Boston Custom House Tower)

02. Custom House Tower

03. Custom House Tower

04. Custom House Tower

05. Downtown Boston

06. Boston Financial District

07. Boston Financial District

08. Boston Financial District

09. Boston Financial District

10. John Hancock Tower

11. Restaurant







18. This is a park (About Boston Common)

19. Boston Common

20. Boston Common. This plaque says: In or about the year of our
Lord One Thousand Six Hundred thirty and four the then present
inhabitants of the Town of Boston of whom the Hon John Winthrop
Esq Gov of the Colony was Chiefe did treat and agree with Mr
William Blackstone for the purchase of his Estate and any Lands
living within said neck of Land called Boston after which purchase
the Town laid out a plan for a trayning field for which ever since
and now is used for that purpose and for the feeding of cattell

21. Boston Common

22. This carriage gives tours around Boston


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