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Bisbee is a city in Cochise County, Arizona, USA, 82 miles southeast of Tucson. Population is about 6,000. The city is the county seat of Cochise County.

Bisbee was founded as a copper, gold, and silver mining town in 1880, and named in honor of Judge DeWitt Bisbee, one of the financial backers of the adjacent Copper Queen Mine.

Mining in the Mule Mountains proved quite successful: in the early 20th century the population of Bisbee soared. Incorporated in 1902, by 1910 its population swelled to 9,019 and it sported a constellation of suburbs, including Warren, Lowell, and San Jose, some of which had been founded on their own (ultimately less successful) mines. In 1917, open pit mining was successfully introduced to meet the heavy copper demand due to World War I.

In 1929, the county seat was moved from Tombstone, Arizona to Bisbee, where it remains.

By 1950, boom times were over and the population of the City of Bisbee had dropped to less than 6,000, but the introduction of strip mining and continued underground work would see the town escape the fate of many of its early contemporaries. However, in 1974-1975, the Phelps Dodge Corporation finally halted mining operations in its massive Bisbee mine, the Lavender Pit.

The resulting exodus of mine employees might have been the end of the town. Still, as the county seat, the city's economy soldiered on.

The "City of Bisbee" now includes the historic downtown Bisbee, as well as the geographically spaced but administratively combined satellite towns. Warren's small downtown is economically depressed, but its residential district houses a significant portion of the population and it boasts ownership of many public services including City Hall and the elementary and high schools. San Jose, on the southern side of the Mule Mountains, has seen the most new growth in the last two decades, as it is not restricted by mountains. It hosts many newer county government buildings and a large shopping center

Bisbee is also known for high quality turquoise, called "Bisbee Blue".

Sites of interest

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02. Main Street, Bisbee

03. Bisbee

04. Bisbee

05. Bisbee

06. Bisbee

07. This is a mine at Bisbee

08. This is a mine at Bisbee

09. This is a mine at Bisbee

10. This is a mine at Bisbee

11. Queen Mine, Bisbee

12. Miners Toilet

13. Mine Supervisor's Bike

14. Picture Of Mine Workers

15. Miner's Tools

16. Model Of A Working Mine


18. Inside Mining Museum

19. Inside Mining Museum

20. Inside Mining Museum

21. Mine Machinery


23. Copper Queen Hotel

24. Old Building Close To Bisbee

25. Close to Bisbee

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