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Shinaberry Cemetary, Virginia      Shinaberry Cemetary, Poage Lane, West Virginia  

The background image is a painting by William Ranney called Prairie Burial 1848

Updated on October 30, 2007 (pictures at bottom of page)


The Cemetary is located between Hightown And Bluegrass on route 640.

When you leave Hightown on route 640 it is about 9 miles north on the left side. Approximately 1.5 miles before you get to Bluegrass. There is a red barn on the left on route 640. The cemetery is on the tall hill (mountain) behind the barn 
I, George Shinaberry, have been to this cemetery and it is in very poor shape.    

The land that this cemetery is on was purchased by Jacob Shinaberry Sr. on December 04, 1804 from Captain Peter Hull and his wife Barbara. Peter was a Revolutionary War soldier. This information was provided by Marji Turner.

Owners of the land are the descendents John Shinaberry
Chap Halterman, present owner.
Note added October 30, 2007: Chap Halterman no longer owns this land. It was purchased in 2006 by someone
from the Washington DC area. I don't know if it is still owned by a descendant of the Shinaberry family.

There are approximately 12 graves in the cemetery.

There  is a fence (in very bad shape) and it is overgrown with brush and weeds.  It is in bad condition and the tombstones
are lying on the ground.

The Shinaberry name has become extinct in Highland County, although at one time the
family owned considerable land. 

These is the grave of Jacob Shinaberry Sr. and his wife Margaret.

Inscriptions: Jacob Shinaberry

Died 1821.

Incriptions: Margaret wife of Jacob Shinaberry Sr.

Died 1850 Aged about 83 yrs

Note: This is the graves of JACOB SHINABERRY SR (he was born in Germany about 1760) and his wife
MARGARET ANN LIFE SHINABERRY.  She was born August 09, 1768.

Note by George Shinaberry: If I would have owned this property this cemetery would not be in the shape it is in now.
Some respect should be shown for our deceased relatives. Please accept my apology if this note offends you. It was not meant to be offensive.

01. Shinaberry Cemetery, VA

02. Shinaberry Cemetery, VA

03. Shinaberry Cemetery, VA

04. Shinaberry Cemetery, VA

05. Shinaberry Cemetery, VA

06. Taken from the cemetery

07. Taken from the cemetery

08. Taken from the cemetery

09. Taken from the cemetery

10. Taken from the cemetery

11. Taken from the cemetery

12. Taken from the cemetery

13. this picture was taken from route 640, The cemetery is about the center of picture at top of hill


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