Mesa Verde National Monument, Colorado
                                                       Mesa Verde is Spanish, translated to English it means Green Table  

Mesa  Verde  has  ancient  Indian dwelling. They were called the Anasazi,
which  means  Old  Ones.  They  built their homes in the sides of the cliffs.
These are not caves, they dug into  the cliffs. Cliff Dwellings and mesa-top

villages  were  built  between  A.D.  450 and 1300. They  disappeared  and
no one knows what happened to them. There are Mountain  Lions in these
canyons. They  had  one at the Ranger Station mounted that had weighed
350 pounds.

Vacation 2001

Four Corners
Between Four Corners and Cortez
Durango Silverton Railroad
Mesa Verde National Monument
Stations Of The Cross
San Luis From Stations Of The Cross
Great Sand Dunes National Monument
River Rafting, Pilar, NM
Pikes Stockade
Rock On Our Property
San Luis Valley
Wolf Creek Pass

1. This is called Cliff Palace. It is believed to have been a meeting place










         2. Same as above picture                                                                                                                          












3. Same as above picture                                                                                                                                  












 4. If you look close to the center of this picture you can see four dwellings in the cliff.
    There are more but they are hard to see.                                                                                             











   5. There are dwellings in all of these cliffs                                                                                                                 











  6. There are dwellings in these cliffs but they are hard to see                                                                                                                         











7. If you look in the center you can see a dwelling. Actual dwelling is hidden by trees.                                 











  8.There are dwelling in these cliffs                                                                                                                          











 9. There are dwelling in these cliffs                                                                                                                          











  10. If you look close in the center you will see two holes                                                                                                         











 11. There are dwellings in these cliffs                                                                                                                      























12. In the center of this picture you can see dwellings                                                                                                          











   13. This is the upper end of the canyon                                                                                                                        











 14. There are dwelling in these cliffs                                                                                                                      











   15. You can see dwellings in the center of this picture                                                                                                        











 16. You can see dwellings in the center of this picture                                                                                                       











  17. You can see one large dwelling in the center of this picture                                                                                                     











 18. You can see one dwelling too the left center of the picture                                                                                                   











  19. There are some dwelling in the upper left of this picture                                                                                                 











 20.There is a large area carved into the cliff in the center of picture                                                                                                  











 21. You can see dwellings in these cliffs                                                                                                                  











 22. There are dwellings in these cliffs                                                                                                                      











 23.Looks like another meeting place? Much smaller than the Cliff Palace                                                                                           











  24. Same as the above picture                                                                                                                                                         











   25. Same as above picture                                                                                                                                











  26. This is a place they had an the flats (Mesa) above the canyon                                                                                                 











27.This is a picture of the Pithouse where they processed their corn. Corn is native to North America. There was corn no place else in the World.

















28. This is the Pithouse where the corn was processed. 











29. You can look over at this point and see Cliff Dwellings                                                                                                   











   30. There are dwellings in these cliffs                                                                                                                   











 31. This is at the upper end of the canyon. You can see a storm in the background.











   32. There are dwellings in these cliffs                                                                                                                    











  33. There are dwellings in these cliffs                                                                                                                     











  34. Part of the canyon. Storm in the background                                                                                                             












   35. Part of canyon. Storm in background                                                                                                                        












  36. You can see a dwelling in the left center of this picture.                                                                                                 























38. Coming down from Mesa Verde












  39. This is the Cliff Palace, same as the first two pictures                  













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